Our vision for the Wölvhammer transcended traditional cycling footwear and originated from the conceptual standpoint of a mountaineering boot. On the inside we max out the insulation package with 200g Primaloft Eco Gold on the forefoot and NASA-approved aerogel in the insole to block cold cleats. On the outside, 1680 denier CORDURA® ballistic nylon and a waterproof-breathable membrane resist moisture and manage perspiration. For deep snow, easily add knee-high gaiters using the dedicated hook on the toe box. And of course, the Vibram sole is ready for any 2-bolt compatible MTN cleat of your choice. These are the finest winter cycling shoes ever made.

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Waterproof-breathable membrane for moisture control, mid-calf height for weather protection and comfort, gaiter hook on toe for fatbiking in deep snow.
200g Primaloft Eco Gold ® on upper
1680 denier CORDURA Ballistic Nylon®, durable polyurethane mudguard
45NRTH Jaztronaut Aerogel to address conductive heat loss from cold cleats
Mountain Rubber by Vibram® with 2-bolt compatible cleat slots, can be used with flat or clipless pedals
Fiberglass-injected nylon with high impact resistance
Cord lace inner boot closure, #8 zippered outer closure with hook-and-loop flap for weather protection
Men’s Ex-Wide 38-50 (no size 49)
Extra-wide last with high volume upper profile for extra insulation space on top of the foot
0°F (-18°C) to 25°F (-3°C)


Aerogel Insulation
With its nano-sized air pockets that block cold and heat, aerogel is an ultra-thin, compression-resistant and waterproof insulator with the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid. It is the same insulation NASA uses to protect astronauts and sensitive equipment on missions to outer space. Created by extracting the liquid from silica gel, aerogel produces a strong, durable and flexible material that is up to five times more effective than traditional thermal insulation. Other insulation materials require loft to insulate. Aerogel does not need loft to deliver its high insulation value, making it an ideal insulator between cold metal cleats and the bottom of your feet.
Waterproof-Breathable Membrane
An ultra-thin sheet of microporous material behind our textile shells keeps you dry and warm in the harshest weather conditions. Liquid water molecules from outside of the garment are larger than vapor molecules created by body heat from the inside. The microscopic pores are smaller than liquid water molecules, but larger than vapor molecules. As a result, waterproof-breathable membranes stop liquid from the outside, but release vapor from the inside for thermal and moisture regulation.


Foot Measurement

Step 1: Tape a sheet of paper flat to the floor. Trace the shape of your right foot on the paper and draw a line marking the furthest points between toe and heel as illustrated right (A and B).

Step 2: Measure the length between points A and B using a ruler.

Step 3: Repeat the above steps for your left foot and compare the measurements.

Step 4: Use the longest of the two measurements to determine your size on the Size Conversion Chart.

ATTENTION: for the most precise measurements it is important to use three-digit measurements. For example, 292mm or 29.2cm is recommended. 29cm is NOT recommended for reasons of fit and sizing accuracy.

Size Conversion Chart
mm Euro US Men’s US Women’s
224.5–227 36 5
227.5–234 37 6
234.5–240 38 4.5 7
240.5–246 39 5 8
246.5–253 40 6 9
253.5–260 41 7 10
260.5–266 42 8 11
266.5–273 43 9 12
273.5–280 44 10
280.5–286 45 11
286.5–293 46 12
293.5–300 47 13
300.5–306 48 13.5
306.5–316 50 15