0º to 25ºF / -18º to -3ºC Comfort


Our vision for the Wölvhammer transcended traditional cycling footwear and originated from the conceptual standpoint of a mountaineering boot. This inspiration remains in the newly redesigned Wölvhammer pulling functional elements from the original while adding style and simplicity. For 2016, we've removed the outer zipper and velcro in favor of a lace-up design with a gusseted tongue to keep wet winter weather out and warmth in. The full grain leather and ballistic nylon shell provides a durable barrier while the waterproof membrane protects your feet from the elements. Aerogel in the footbed blocks cold cleats from chilling your toes. When the snow gets deep, pair them with Bergraven Gaiters with the dedicated hook in the toe-box.

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Waterproof-breathable membrane for moisture control, mid-calf height for weather protection and comfort, gaiter hook for fatbiking in deep snow and added insulation above the ankle
200g Primaloft®; aerogel insole under the foot
100% full grain cowhide leather; 1680-denier ballistic nylon
Mountain rubber made by Vibram®, 2-bolt SPD-compatible or flat pedal
Fiberglass-injected nylon with high impact resistance
Waterproof gusseted tongue with external cord lace and cinch lock
Mens extra wide 38–50 (no size 49), full sizes only
Extra-wide last with high-volume upper profile for extra insulation space on top of the foot
0° (-18°C) to 25°F (-3°C)


Aerogel Insulation
With its nano-sized air pockets that block cold and heat, aerogel is an ultra-thin, compression-resistant and waterproof insulator with the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid. It is the same insulation NASA uses to protect astronauts and sensitive equipment on missions to outer space. Created by extracting the liquid from silica gel, aerogel produces a strong, durable and flexible material that is up to five times more effective than traditional thermal insulation. Other insulation materials require loft to insulate. Aerogel does not need loft to deliver its high insulation value, making it an ideal insulator between cold metal cleats and the bottom of your feet.
Waterproof-Breathable Membrane
An ultra-thin sheet of microporous material behind our textile shells keeps you dry and warm in the harshest weather conditions. Liquid water molecules from outside of the garment are larger than vapor molecules created by body heat from the inside. The microscopic pores are smaller than liquid water molecules, but larger than vapor molecules. As a result, waterproof-breathable membranes stop liquid from the outside, but release vapor from the inside for thermal and moisture regulation.


Footwear Sizing Assistant

Items needed: pen or pencil, large sheet of paper, tape-measure in millimeters.

Measure wearing socks that you will most often wear with these boots. You will be taking measurements of both feet!

STEP 1: Place a sheet of paper flat on the floor. Sit on a chair and place one foot on the paper. Apply pressure to your foot and trace the shape of that foot on the paper, carefully holding the pen vertically and perpendicular to the paper, tracing the foot as closely as possible without angling the pen in or out.

STEP 2: Using a tape-measure, measure the distance from the very bottom of the heel to the top of the longest toe, as illustrated in points A and B on the diagram. It is necessary to measure in three-digit millimeters (for example: 292mm)

STEP 3: Measure the distance spanning the ball of the foot at its widest point, as illustrated in points C and D on the diagram, using two or three digit millimeter measurements depending on the size of your foot.

STEP 4: Repeat the above steps for your other foot and compare the measurements. Find the longer of the two length measurements between your right and left feet, as well as the wider of the two width measurements.

STEP 5: Enter the longest length measurement and the widest width measurement in three-digit millimeters IN THE BOXES BELOW. Only enter one length measurement and one width measurement!

Enter your Measurements

Length (ex: 292mm)

Width (ex: 92mm)

For best fit, we recommend trying on the boots at your local dealer!

Size Conversion Chart
Size Length Width
38 210.00 — 236.50 85.00 — 92.00
39 236.50 — 243.00 87.00 — 94.00
40 243.00 — 250.00 88.00 — 95.00
41 250.00 — 256.00 89.00 — 97.00
42 256.00 — 262.50 90.00 — 98.00
43 262.50 — 268.50 93.00 — 100.00
44 268.50 — 276.00 93.00 — 99.00
45 276.00 — 283.00 95.00 — 104.00
46 283.00 — 291.00 96.00 — 107.00
47 291.00 — 296.50 97.00 — 110.00
48 296.50 — 303.50 99.50 — 114.00
50 303.50 — 315.50 102.00 — 120.00