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  • A group of 45NRTH products that cyclist should wear when riding in below zero weather

    What to Wear Winter Cycling at -10º - 0ºF

    Everyone’s tolerance of cold is different, but I think we can all agree that anything below 0ºF is COLD.  Check out this weeks guide on how to conquer winter cycling in sub zero temps.

  • A group of 45NRTH products that cyclists should wear when riding in weather below 15 degrees

    What to Wear for Cycling at 0º - 15ºF

    When temperatures hover around 0ºF (-18°C), it can be tricky to find the right setup. The right combination of layers and materials will keep you comfortable on a ride with friends or some friendly competition on race day.

  • A pair of 45NRTH Sturmfist 4 winter cycling gloves atop black ice

    Behind the Design: Sturmfist 4 Winter Cycling Glove

    It takes years of riding experience, design, development and testing to produce a technical winter glove. The 45NRTH Sturmfist 4 is no exception. From day one at 45NRTH, our mission has been to deliver comfort and control via hands, feet…

  • A group of 45NRTH products that cyclist should wear when riding in weather between 15 and 25 degrees

    What to Wear Cycling at 15º - 25ºF

    Heading out at 15ºF (-9°C) can often be scary, but with a little knowledge, the right gear, and a few comfort foods to keep you fueled, it just might become your favorite time to ride.

  • 45NRTH Red Wing Wolvhammer cycling boot with Red Wing leather cleaning materials

    Caring For Red Wing Wölvhammer Boots

    Winter cycling footwear requires careful attention and planning. This article is about how to condition and care for your 45NRTH Red Wing Wolvhammer Winter Cycling Boots.

  • Fat bike rider on dirt covered trail

    Michelle Stampe: Training for Jay P’s 200k Backyard Fat Pursuit Pt 1

    Not only is The 200k Pursuit 124 miles with 6,000 feet of climbing, but it’s also located in west Yellowstone…and takes place in January. This race is so challenging in part because the trail could be dumped on with snow…

  • A group of 45NRTH products that cyclist should wear when riding in temperatures between 25 and 45 degrees

    What to Wear Cycling at 25º - 45ºF

    Every winter, we dig into our closets and pull out all our winter riding gear hoping to remember what worked last year. We’ve put together our favorite items to get you riding in any winter weather.

  • Cool weather cycling gear that is comfortable to wear in 45-degree weather

    What to Wear for Cool Weather Cycling: 45ºF and Above

    We all handle and prepare for various temperature ranges differently.45°F+ can be a tricky temp to dress for. Wearing versatile and packable pieces can really help and allow you to switch up layers on the fly if there are big…

  • Two fat bike riders racing with mountains in the background

    Fat Bike Worlds in Crested Butte, CO: for the Fast and the Fun

    45NRTH was lucky enough to make it out to Crested Butte to support Fat Bike Worlds this year, and we didn’t regret it! It was a well-organized 4 day event that has been celebrating the heart and soul of fat…