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DILLINGER 4 - 27.5


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Riding your fat bike on ice just got even better with the redesigned Dillinger tread pattern and tubeless compatibility. 252 carefully positioned studs allow you to rail icy off-camber singletrack with confidence and control, while taller side lugs bring improved cornering in snowy conditions. Dillinger’s center tread is tightly spaced for speed when you need it so you can power up an icy climb and rip down the other side as the studs claw into the slick surface.

  • 252 studs grip ice
  • Braced side lugs for improved cornering
  • Tubeless ready
  • We design 45NRTH tires for extreme winter cycling applications. We do not recommend this product be used with power assist bikes as the additional torque and system weight can lead to pre-mature casing wear and stud loss.
120tpi Studded, 60tpi Studded, 120tpi Custom Studdable
27.5 x 4.0" (584/27.5" MTN)
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120tpi Ultralight or 60tpi
252 Concave Aluminum Carbide (120tpi), 252 Steel Carbide (60tpi)
Tubeless Ready Folding (120tpi and 60tpi)
64–94mm wide rims

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Audio: (upbeat music) Video: A man rides a fat bike quickly through a sunny, wintery, and wooded environment. "45NRTH Dillinger" text is overlaid as he rides and kicks up snow. Audio: The Dillinger family of tires are focused on balancing speed and traction. Video: Narrating man stands at a desk with a 45NRTH logo behind him. Audio: Dillinger is the tire we see most when we’re out riding and racing. They’re fast, studdable and come in the widest range of sizes and options. Video: Rotating Dillinger tire is in view. Audio: All Dillingers use the same tightly spaced center tread pattern to minimize rolling resistance and maximize speed. Video: The view zooms in and “Tightly Spaced Center Tread: For maximum speed.” text is shown alongside the highlighted 3-1-3-1 center lug pattern, with minimal space between the lugs. Audio: They also share the same tall side lug design to maximize traction when cornering. Video: “Tall Side Lugs: Provide traction when cornering.” text is shown alongside a highlighted raised side lug near the edge of the tread. Audio: All Dillinger tires are studdable. And for many riders, having a lightweight fast rolling tire with studs is the perfect balance between traction and speed. Video: “Studdable: Superior traction on ice.” text is shown alongside highlighted studs on many lugs across the tread. Audio: Dillingers come in three types of construction and are available in the following sizes. Video: The view zooms out and “60TPI Studded, 120TPI Studded, 120TPI Blank” text is shown for constructions. “26 x 4.0”: 120TPI Folding Bead, (240 Concave Studs); 26 x 4.0”: 60TPI Wire Bead, (240 Carbide Studs); 26 x 4.0”: 120TPI Folding Bead, (Custom Studdable); 26 x 4.6”: 120TPI Folding Bead, (258 Concave Studs); 26 x 4.6”: 60TPI Wire Bead, (258 Steed Carbide Studs); 26 x 4.6”: 120TPI Folding Bead, (Customer Studdable); 27.5 x 4.0”: 120TPI Folding Bead, (252 Concave Studs); 27.5 x 4.0”: 60TPI Folding Bead, (252 Steel Carbide Studs); 27.5 x 4.0”: 120TPI Folding Bead, (Custom Studdable); 27.5 x 4.5”: 120TPI Folding Bead, (252 Concave Carbide Studs); 27.5 x 4.5”: 120TPI Folding Bead, (Custom Studdable)” text is shown for sizing. Audio: (soft music) Video: 45NRTH logo and “” text is shown, along with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter logos.


  • Acceleration Traction
  • Braking Traction
  • Cornering Traction
  • Rolling Efficiency
  • Flotation
  • = Icy Conditions
45NRTH Dillinger 4 27.5 Studded Fat Bike Tire - black - three quarter view with sidewall and tread detail