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Lightweight, streamlined pogie

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The ultimate in lightweight performance, Draugenklaw pogies are designed for anything from race days to mild weathered winter commutes and rides.

  • Lighter, more streamlined pogies are great for milder days or racing
  • Softshell fabric throughout with weather-resistant outer and soft, cozy fleece inside
  • Inner lining is made up of Far-Infrared Yarn, a high-performance polyester fiber with the function of accumulating heat and maintaining warmth
  • Included bar plugs keep pogies securely in place
far-infrared yarn collects body heat and holds warmth, weather-resistant outer keeps moisture out, lightweight design is ideal for race days and milder riding conditions
one size- fits flat bars
15°F (-9°C) to 35°F (2°C)

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Audio: (chill inspirational music) Video: A man rides a fat bike quickly through a sunny, wintery, and wooded environment. "45NRTH Draugenklaw" text is overlaid as he rides and kicks up snow. Audio: [Narrator] The Draugenklaw is our lightweight pogie and has a lightweight soft-shell outer that’s highly wind and water resistant. Video: Pogies are in view and “Soft-Shell Outer: Resists wind and water.” text is shown alongside an entire pogie, which is covered completely in the outer shell. Audio: It cinches shut around handlebars. Video: “Cinched Ends: Seal from the elements.” Text is shown alongside the stem-side end of the pogie with cinches to provide a full seal on the handlebar. Audio: The pogie’s attached to the handlebar with a bar-end plug that prevents the pogies from rotating down. Video: “Bar End Plug: Keeps the pogie in place.” text is shown to highlight the plug at the end of the handlebar keeping the pogie in place. Audio: (calm music) Video: 45NRTH logo and “” text is shown, along with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter logos.

15º to 35ºF / -9º to 2ºC Comfort