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Gravdal - 26

Studded 26" Commuter Tire

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216 studs are carefully positioned across the casing profile to yield a level of confidence and safety never before seen in a commuter tire. Siped tread lugs and oval-shaped stud groupings provide exceptional cornering, braking and acceleration traction. Run the Gravdal at minimum pressure for unmatched traction performance, and maximum pressure for a quieter and faster ride on clean roads. Works great with linear-pull and canti-lever brakes.

5mm high-visibility strip for riding at night, fits most bikes with cantilever or disc brakes
120tpi Studded, 33tpi Studded
26 x 2.0 (559/26" MTN)
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120tpi Ultralight or 33tpi
Concave Aluminum Carbide (120tpi), Steel Carbide (33tpi)
Folding (120tpi), Wire (33tpi)
20–28mm wide rims

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Audio: (chill inspirational music) Video: A man rides a fat bike quickly through a sunny, wintery, and wooded environment. "45NRTH Gravdal" text is overlaid as he rides and kicks up snow. Audio: [Narrator] Gravdal is our middle-width winter commuting tire. It has enough traction in poor conditions to give riders confidence in sketchy terrain while also remaining efficient over dry sections of road. Video: A Gravdal tire rotates in view. Audio: Traction comes from siping on the side lugs and the center lugs. Video: The view zooms in and “Siping: Increased grip on ice & snow.” text is shown alongside highlighted center and side lugs with two parallel grooves on their face. Audio: Carbide studs provide traction on icy surfaces as well. Video: “Carbide-Tipped Studs: For grip on ice.” text is shown alongside highlighted side lugs with studs. Audio: Tightly-spaced ramped center lugs roll smoothly and efficiently. Video: “Tightly-Spaced Center Lugs: Ramped for rolling efficiency.” text is shown alongside highlighted condensed 1-1-1 center lug pattern. Audio: Gravdal is available in the following sizes and constructions. Video: View zooms out and “650b x 38mm: 33TPI Steel Bead, (240 Carbide Studs)” text is shown for sizing. Audio: (calm music) Video: 45NRTH logo and “” text is shown, along with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter logos.


  • Acceleration Traction
  • Braking Traction
  • Cornering Traction
  • Rolling Efficiency
  • Flotation
  • = Icy Conditions