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For use alone in milder temps with our lightweight clothing system, or as a liner with our Sturmfist 4 in extreme cold, the lightweight merino glove keeps your hands dry and warm.

  • Double-face merino blend fabric puts merino against your skin for warmth, polyester on the outside for durability
  • Wear as a liner inside Sturmfist, inside pogies, or on its own in mild conditions
  • Synthetic suede panels on palm for grip and durability with minimal bulk
  • Touchscreen compatible
Silicone grip on fingers
Touchscreen compatible
Extended cuffs to cover wrists
Works as a liner glove inside Sturmfist gloves or inside pogies, or on its own in mild conditions
Double-face merino wool blend
X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)
45ºF+ Comfort

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Audio: (chill inspirational music) Video: A man rides a fat bike quickly through a sunny, wintery, and wooded environment. "45NRTH Risør” text is overlaid as he rides and kicks up snow. Audio: [Narrator] The Risor is a versatile, lightweight liner glove made with moisture-wicking merino wool with a polyester blend on the outside and synthetic suede panels on the palm for durability and grip. Video: The glove is in view and “Merino Wool Blend: Wicks moisture & insulates.” text is shown to emphasize that the glove is made of a blend material for the inside and outer layer and “Synthetic Suede Panels: For grip and durability.” text is shown alongside the panels highlighted on the palm bottom and from the palm top halfway up the pointer finger. Audio: The thumb and the index finger of the glove are made with a touchscreen-compatible material and the tips of the index and middle finger have a bit of silicone grip to aid in better control of shifters and brake levers while riding. Video: “Touchscreen Compatible Material: Keeps your gloves on in the cold.” text is shown to emphasize the material on the palm-side thumb and pointer finger and “Silicone Grip: Gives you more control.” text is shown to emphasize the strips of silicone at the top of the palm-side pointer and middle fingers. Audio: The Risor can be used on its own in temps of 45 degrees Fahrenheit and above as a liner and a warmer glove like the Sturmfirst 4 or in a pogie like the Cobrafist for added insulation in the coldest of temperatures. Video: “45 degrees Fahrenheit +” and “Liner Glove” text are shown. Audio: (calm music) Video: 45NRTH logo and “” text is shown, along with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter logos.

45+ Comfort

45NRTH Risor Merino Wool Cycling Gloves - Black - palm view

Double-face merino blend fabric puts merino against your skin for warmth, Polyester on the outside for durability

Merino blend