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Wölvhammer Boa


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Originating from the conceptual standpoint of a mountaineering boot, the new and evolved Wölvhammer is lighter, more comfortable, and grippier. The overhauled design features a removable synthetic liner and a three-piece proprietary bottom assembly compatible with flat and clipless pedals. When the cold winter creeps in, Wölvhammer has you covered.

  • Removable synthetic liner boot for quick drying
  • 3-piece proprietary bottom assembly is lighter, warmer offers more walking traction
  • Aerogel insulation blocks cold cleats and allows use of preferred insoles without sacrificing warmth
  • 0 to 25F / -18 to -4C Comfort
Coated microfiber with ballistic nylon underlays and ®Techtuff toe outside of a waterproof-breathable membrane.
3/4 length fiberglass-injected nylon nested inside EVA foam for reduced weight, added comfort and increased traction.
45NRTH real rubber outsole with anti-slip microglass rubber lugs, flat pedal and 2-bolt compatible. Comes with removable cleat plate for flat pedal use. A note on flat pedals: we recommend using 45NRTH's winter specific Helva and Heiruspecs pedals, and not aggressive downhill pedals with sharp metal pins.
200g Primaloft quilted inside removable liner boot; 2mm aerogel blanket under the foot to thermally block metal cleats
Single-zone BOA M3 mid-power reel and lacing system
XX-wide last with tall toe box for extra insulation on top of the foot
Mens wide 36 - 50 (no size 49), full sizes only
0 (18 C) to 25 F (-3 C)

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Audio: (suspenseful music) Video: Boot is floating in view in front of a dark background. Audio: [Announcer] The all new 45NRTH Wölvhammer is the most comfortable cycling boot on the market. Wölvhammer is purpose-built to keep riders warm and dry through the coldest, harshest conditions (air whooshing) (suspenseful music) Video: The background lightens, and the inside of the boot is shown to be soft and warm enough to keep your feet from freezing. Ice forms on the exterior of the boot and proceeds to shatter, showing that the boot is impenetrable by cold. Audio: The three-piece sole providers grip for off the bike exploring. Flexible rubber with micro-glass, anti-slip tread blocks allows for comfortable hiking in icy conditions. Video: The boot comes apart, and we see the sole in 3 layers. We then see the anti-slip tread throughout the bottom layer. Audio: An EVA midsole increases insulation and decreases weight, while nylon stiffeners increase pedaling efficiency. Video: The midsole and stiffeners fall onto the bottom layer, showing the formation of the sole from its parts. Audio: Lightweight, non-compressible aerogel insulation creates a barrier between you and the cold cleat bed under foot. (air whooshing) (electricity buzzing) Video: An aerogel layer slides down onto the now-completed sole, showing that it completely separates your foot from the sole. Audio: The outer shell boot is light and supple with waterproof construction. (suspenseful music) Video: The boot is seen moving gracefully through the air. Audio: A new insulated liner boot is warm, breathable, and removable. The two boot system provides better insulation and faster drying. Video: The boot liner slips out of the shell, revealing a similar shape to the boot but with a pillowy material. Seeing the two apart form each other proves the ease of drying them separately. Audio: The durable BOA fit system distributes pressure evenly for a secure, comfortable fit. Video: The BOA system is seen clamping onto the boot, attaching to the laces so that they are easily tightened with its turning mechanism. Audio: The only brand in the industry that focuses solely on cold weather cycling, 45NRTH gives rider the confidence to keep riding all winter long. Wölvhammer the pinnacle of winter cycling footwear. Video: “Wölvhammer” text appears followed by the 45NRTH logo.

0º to 25ºF / -18º to -4ºC Comfort

BOA Closure

BOA closure with a gusseted tongue to keep wet winter weather out and warmth in

45NRTH Wolvhammer BOA Cycling Boot - black - BOA closure detail


Aerogel is an ultra-thin, compression-resistant, NASA-grade insulation placed in the foot bed to block cold transfer from the pedals and allows the use of preferred insoles without sacrificing warmth.

45NRTH Wolvhammer BOA Cycling Boot - black - rear three quarter view

3-piece proprietary bottom unit

3/4 length nylon shank for stiffness at ball of foot; EVA foam midsole for added traction, comfort and warmth; real rubber outsole with microglass lugs for ultimate slip resistance. Removable liner boot for fast-drying and added comfort.

45NRTH Wolvhammer BOA Cycling Boot - black - sole and tread detail