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Men’s Naughtvind Jacket


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In the battle between you and the bitter cold of winter, there’s only one line of defense: 45NRTH’s Naughtvind Jacket. Built for maximum comfort and warmth, our premium jacket finds inspiration in its Doubleweave fabric — a triple-threat of ingenuity designed to breathe, stretch, and protect you from the nastiest of weather.

  • Doubleweave main fabric provides the best combination of weather protection and breathability & stretch
  • Asymmetric zipper prevents chin rub
  • Special collar shape offers the option for extra face protection while in riding position without adding extra bulk
  • Black reflective material placed in key areas enhances your visibility in low-light situations
  • Three large, easy to access rear pockets to stash ride necessities
  • Strategically positioned zippered chest pocket avoids interference with pack straps
  • Zip-closure back ventilation helps dump excess body heat
  • Silicone taping at bottom hem to hold jacket securely in place
Doubleweave main fabric provides the best combination of weather protection and breathability & stretch, asymmetric zipper prevents chin rub, special collar shape offers the option for extra face protection in riding position without adding extra bulk, silicone taping at bottom hem to hold jacket securely in place
3 large, easy to access rear pockets, zippered chest pocket
Zip closure back ventilation, grid knit fleece side panels
45NRTH logo on front right, stripes on rear middle pocket, stripes over left shoulder, piping on each arm

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Audio: (upbeat music) Video: A man rides a fat bike quickly through a sunny, wintery, and wooded environment. "45NRTH Naughtvind Jacket" text is overlaid as he rides and kicks up snow. Audio: Just like the matching pants, the Naughtvind Jacket is designed to shield riders from some of the harshest winter riding conditions, while remaining breathable and comfortable. Video: A man wearing a Naughtvind Jacket is panned from the waist up to the neck, showcasing the entire length of the jacket. Audio: The cycling-specific cut prevents sleeves from riding up on the arm when reaching for the handlebars, and the longer back make sure riders stay protected when leaning forward. Video: The man moves his arms forward to showcase the sleeves not riding up as he extends them. The ability to tighten the jacket sleeves with Velcro is visible at the wrist of the jacket. The man's backside is shown with lengthened fabric extending to his mid-to-lower buttock as he stands upright. Audio: The wind and water resistant main fabric, which is shared with the pants is significantly more breathable than previous versions, and strikes a good balance between protection from the elements and moisture management, while still remaining stretchy to provide excellent freedom of movement. Video: The man's midsection is shown, confirming the similarity between the jacket and pant fabric. He then pulls up the end of jacket vest to show a tensioner for increasing or decreasing the fit of the jacket bottom. Audio: Also, helping riders manage moisture and heat are highly breathable knit panels on the sides and back, along with zippered vents on the sides. Video: The man's side is shown to depict the knit panels, which are ribbed, of a different fabric from the rest of the jacket, and run from the armpit to the bottom of the garment. The man unzips his side vent, which is at the center of the knit panel just above the waist and runs 4-5 inches up and down. Audio: On the back are updated pockets. Two large pockets on the side, along with a water bottle-sized pocket in the middle, as well as reflective material on the traffic side shoulder, reflective piping along the elbows and the reflective logo. Video: The man removes a water bottle from the center back pocket, which is slightly lower than two larger side back pockets directly on either side. Reflective, striped paneling is shown on the left shoulder, along with a single thin reflective pipe running around the circumference of the arm just above the elbow and a 2-3 inch reflective "45NRTH" logo over the collarbone on the same side. Audio: The Naughtvind Jacket still keeps the chest pocket, zippered front pockets, and the asymmetrical collar zipper that prevents chin rub. Video: The chest pocket, left of the main zipper, front pockets, located on the lower front torso, and the collar zipper, which extends to the right of the chin area, are shown. Audio: Most importantly, the Naughtvind Jacket comes in both men's and women's sizes. From a performance and feature standpoint, there's no difference between the two. They're the same jacket, just cut for different body types. Video: The man's jacket is again panned to showcase the entire length. Audio: The Naughtvind Jacket is available in the following sizes. Video: The following sizes are overlaid "Black: Men's Sizes: SM - XXL, Women's Sizes: XS - XL". Audio: (soft music) Video: 45NRTH logo and “” text is shown, along with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter logos.